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I have been fighting with my Holley 80457 for awhile. Here is the latest.

No studder upon acceleration... the accel pump is doing the job... whether or not its OPTIMIZED I dont know, but it doesnt make the car hesitate or studder.

Car cruises wonderfully. Very smooth

Acceleration is abysmal. First problem... its not smooth. From a standstill, if I stomp on it, it takes off, but it isnt smooth. It goes, starts to lay over, then takes off. Also, when accelerating at cruise speed... well it doesnt. If I go to accelerate, it just chugs. It almost sounds like someone drowning (or hat I imagine a drowning person would sound like). Tony also noticed lots of black smoke under acceleration when he came down for the car show.

I am thinking of doing this... I ordered a secondary metering block conversion kit, so I have to take the carb off to do that anyway. I am gonna lower the jets in the front to 65 again. I am also going to lean the secondaries to 71 and see where that gets me. I have a feeling that it will help a bunch, but I am open to any other suggestions you have. Secondary springs? Someone suggested the secondaries were opening too soon. Since I think I am rich 100% of the time, I am gonna try jets first.
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