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Carb Vacuum Question

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I have a stock, original 69 Mach 1 - 351W, 4bbl. The carb is the factory 4300 rebuilt several years ago long before I bought the car. I have no vac. on idle at the dist. port. On all the other mustangs/fords I've had over the years I've always had vac at idle and when you set the timing you unhook and plug the vac line to the dist. Does anyone have any ideas. Other than this my 83K mi. car runs great.
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On most (but not all)of the carbs I've worked on there is no ported vacuum at idle unless the car is idling way too fast. Usually the "disconnect the hose"routine is just a precaution.
Thanks that makes me feel a little better.
Idle should have zero vacuum.
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