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I posted this before spring break and got no response thought I'd try again and see if anyone will give it a go.
(PS. it sucks to have a whole week off! Better yet, this time I'm the Prof and not the student)

PO gave me relatively new Carter carb saying it will fit the car. I just checked the numbers (9605) and I see that it is a "GM,universal" carb. I'm planning on using the manual choke (boy, do I need it) I have the choke linkage (repro shelby) and even I can figure that out. Will this carb mount on my car? (by the way, weiland intake) if so, what mods to the linkage? what else do I need to know? Help!

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Take the Carter and fill it with will make a nice planter...I have 3 or 4 sitting in my garage..they are horrible

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The 9605 Carter is a squarebore carb so it will bolt onto your manifold. This carb was available with GM,Ford or Chyrsler linkage from what i can tell that was the only difference btwn them.
You will have to eye ball the linkage to see what will be needed but it should not a real problem. The carb on mine was originally from a Corvette and it was a very minor mod to the linkage.
: Edelbrock took over the production of the Carter AFB carbs

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