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I have just replaced the Autolite 2100 2v carburetor on my 260 engine with a rebuild from autozone. I am having a hard time getting the thing adjusted to where it is running smoothly. Does anyone have a procedure that I can follow to systematically get this thing in tune?
Jeff Moore

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This is how I do it;

1. ensure vacuum lines are hooked up correctly

2. before starting turn both idle MIXTURE screws (lower front) gently all the way in, then each about 1 turn out

3. crank it up, let it warm up some, then set the idle SPEED ballpark (dont set ridiculously low)

4. slowly turn each idle MIXTURE screw out a little, continuing to do so as long as the idle rpms go up (when idle doesnt speed up anymore I stop.....I prefer to keep the screws both turned out the same amount....probably not technically the way to do it, but they should need to be close anyway)

5. If it's fully warmed up and rpms increase when I've already turned the MIXTURE scrrews out more than 3 turns, something is probably awry.

6. Once the MIXTURE screws are set right, I reset the idle SPEED where I prefer it....I like to keep a high setting.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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