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Hey guys,

Last week I made a thread (Carburator fuel fountain issues) about my carb overflowing with a fuel fountain. The outcome most certainly was that it would have to do with the float level of the primary bowl caused by a malfunctioning needle/seat assembly. So today I had time to check it again and I pulled out the needle/seat assembly (see pictures below) which looked fine too me since there was not any dirt and it was free to move. I also did compare it to the secondary bowl (where's no flooding) needle and looked exactly the same. So I think I can rule out the needle assembly. As seen in the video's below it became clear to me that the pressure is building up way too high (up to 14psi) which can be a reason for flooding too (according to the holley documentation). We are currently rocking a Holley 110 GPH Electric fuel pump w/ regulator (part#: 12-802-1) which is pushing fuel at a maximum of 14 psi even though the carburetor only requires 5-7 psi where 6 is ideal. I was able to regulate the pressure using the regulator (part#: 12-803) just fine but after a few seconds the pressure just builds up to 14 psi no matter how I adjust the regulator. So I shot two video's showing that the pressure exceeds the regulated 5 psi pressure WITH and WITHOUT fuel dripping out of the sight plug, I guess that means that the float level adjustment works properly since I am able to adjust it up and down.

We have also noticed that out fuel pump is insanely loud, sometimes even heard over the exhaust sound, is this normal?

But now I'm out of idea's so I was wondering if you guy had any suggestion on what to do next? Should we just buy a new fuel pump which pushes fuel out at lower pressure?

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