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Cars Raining from the sky

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Well not quite but damm I need some cash! While shopping for a 1993 Saturn SL2 I stopped at a dealer lot and came across a 72 Mustang Red Vert. It has a tan top and looks pretty nice. It's not show condition but I did hear it run and it sounded nice and strong. Interior was in the process of being redone. The owner showed me what looked like deluxe tan panels being installed. I sat in her and it felt like I was in a Tuna Boat. Man those cars are huge!! Engine looked pretty complete with a new radiator installed. It even had the orginial washer reservour. The paint job looked like it was $299 job but looked better than my FB!

The seller wants $1400 for the car. Between that and the 69 Mach 1, I need a banker!! It will be hard not to buy either of these cars.

If someone is interested let me know. I will get you details.
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at that price i'm on my way.
what's the mileage est., from the lincoln-mid-town tunnel???
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