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Carter fuel pump location

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Where have you guys had luck mounting the Carter electric fuel pump?

64 1/2 coupe built around April 30, 1964
was a 260 3-speed becoming a 5.0 5-speed.
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I remember shock-mounting one on the sheet metal right above the gas tank...close to the center...don't want the heat from the exhaust pipes to cause problems...

Generally, the closer to the tank outlet the better...I prefer mounting the pump below the fuel level in the tank but that is difficult outside of a racing chassis...

Make sure to use a circuit breaker in the pump circuit and use an ignition interlock (pump only operates when key is

I prefer all metal lines (or SS braided hose) from the pump forward since it is pressurized to 5-10 psi with flammable liquid. If you must use rubber hose, make sure it is fuel-grade, use worm-drive clamps and keep the runs as short as possible.

Also, having an upstream and downstream filter is a good idea when practical but space may limit you to just a downstream one...I prefer the canister types with the metal canister.

If you can isolation-mount the pump, that'll cut down on noise in the car...

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