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Caveat emptor: kramerdad1

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I am currently embroiled in a dispute with kramerdad1 aka Dean Alexander of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, over an attempted parts purchase. The parts were misrepresented and returned for a refund. He now claims I kept some of the parts, which I didn't, and is threatening litigation. Anyone planning to do business with him is welcome to ask me about my experience with him.

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There may have been a mixup. When I bought some headlight buckets from him I accidentaly rec'd Shelby tail lights also.
I contacted him immediately and found out who the tail lights were to go to. I sent the lights out to the correct person and we had very good communication throughout.
It may be possible that the parts he thinks you kept were actually sent to somebody else and he was confused. I know he sold quite a few parts a while back so a mix up may not be out of the question.

I think that you can work this out in a civil manner if neither of you get defensive right away. He should check his records to see who was interested in what and see if someone else bought the parts in question. If not then fess up.

Can't we all just get along?

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Thanks for your input. However, he detonated right away so an amicable resolution is not likely in my opinion. As for fessing up, I have nothing to fess up for as I returned all of his parts. I feel as if he is trying to shake me down for $$$ on a bogus claim.

67 Vintage Burgandy 390GTA with most of the bells and whistles

I bought a disk brake setup from him about a year ago with no problem. Richie

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In defense of Jeff Tepper.,'m about a month late in replying to this as I don't read here everyday.

I also had problems with Dean a couple of years ago. He claimed to have a 3.55:1 rear-emnd that he was taking out of a '66 and was selling it on the VMF parts board. i bought it for $155 and after several weeks and promises, he tells me that he "can't take it out" because he drives it daily and the 3.55:1 he was sold by somone else hadn't arrived and therefore he couldn't deliver mine yet. I pointed out that replacing one pumpkin with an identical one didn't make sesne to me and there must be some other reason.

He proceeded to call me a jackass (by e-mail) when I asked for a refund.

I threatened him with litigation in small claims court and he then told me he was in law enforcement and would/could make my life miserable. I pointed out that I lived in Indiana and had no plans to go to N.M. anytime soon.

To his credit he finally had delivered, through an purchase, the rear-end after 2 months!!

The seller gave me the details and it turns out he was buying and flipping this rear-end off . He made a total of $24 bucks off the flip!. I don't know if that was his original intent or if he sold the original twice (or more) and it took him this long to find another or ??

Be assured that I will never do business with him again and wouldn't recoemmend him to others.

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Here is my experience with Dean:

1. He had a 64.5 conv. No way to verify, but he believed it was a Indy festival car. Looked nice in photos.

2. He had a '68 convertible. Nice car - and he was converting it to a shelby clone. During the conversion he found that it WAS a shelby.........He sold it for high '20s - I hope that the new buyer got the Marti report.

3. He had a '65 GT Pony convertible, that was made in the fall of '64. He said that it was a pre-production GT/pony and was a ford executive's car. There were some posts here at the time about the cars "pre-production" options, and there was few believers. The car is no longer advertised - so I guess somebody bought it (and hopefully not the story).

You be the judge.........rare cars, found by accident, all by one guy. hmmmmmmm...........

My personal experience:

I bought a 66 convertible from NM through him. He did not profit off the sale, but he did inspect the car for me. I gave him an underdash unit for a '66 as payment for inspecting the car and loading it on the transport.

I will note that he was friendly, curteous and helpful throughout the ordeal, but his knowledge of mustangs is seriously lacking.

When the car arrived it had the following problems:

The title was missing one number. I could not get the title transferred without matching 2 vins on the car. I did work this out, but it took a lot of time and effort. (paperwork, DMV visits, inspections by the police, etc)

My new, rust free NM car had extensive rust and repair. The floor pans were only tacked in, and the gaps were filled with spray foam insulation, conveniently painted black.

The matching numbers car had a poor color change. It was a silver frost car that was painted "resale red" by MAACO.

It was a good project car, but was represented and inspected as a good, rust free car. I paid fair market price for a nice car and sold it at fair market price for a project. I was so disgusted with the ordeal that I vowed never to own another mustang. It didn't last - and I have a SELF INSPECTED rust free 65 2+2 project that is great.

My TIPS for a potential buyer:

Never buy a car that you cannot inspect for yourself. If you are unsure, get an MCA CERTIFIED judge to look at the car.

The terms "rust-free", "restored" and "mint" are widely abused.

Go with your gut. If it sounds to good to be true - 99.999% of the time it is.

ALL CARS Look better in photos!

Thanks for the time and good luck.

Dean - no hard feelings - just hard facts. I lost a few thousand on the ordeal - you just lost credibility and a friend.

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I threatened him with litigation in small claims court and he then told me he was in law enforcement and would/could make my life miserable.
If you still have the original email, send it to his chief of Police....
Police chiefs and Internal Affairs are always happy to hear about Officers and their misconduct (provided he is one) If he is not, he can be charged with unlawful representation of a police official a misdemeanor in most states punishable by a year in jail and or
$5000 fine.

NOw, onto the good news....the PostMaster General has stated that all local postmasters will pursue mail fraud vigorously.

I am sure Mr cramerdad knows this (which is why he threatened you by making your life miserable)

If Mr. cramerdad wishes to sell his credebility short then it is a cheap lesson to all of us.

Do NOT do business with this chump.

I won't and I will spread the word if asked.


ps..the truth shall set you free.
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