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CF2 - My thoughts

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Howdy all.

I also just wanted to chime in and thank Bob for hosting the get together
and allowing us to invade his place of business.

And although I was not able to bring my car, or stay overnight, it was still
worth the trip from Chicago even for one afternoon!

(my photos are at )


I finally learned what TFOB means.
Midlife's Tie
The '70 GT 500
The Boss 302
Clone (the man and the car)
The T SHIRTS !!!!
CantedValves' Turban
The burn out contest. (I vote for a tie by the way)
Made it home in 4:45 flat. 350 miles. (A new record me thinks)

And meeting a lot of you in person will make it that much more fun to put
the stories with the faces as we move into the next year here on the VMF.

Maybe I'll see you all there in my car next year - and we can finally get a little
64.5 representation!

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Nice photos... Now I can put faces with some of the cars.
Those are some great photo's. It was GREAT Time!!!
Awesome pics Jason ,,it was too much fun,,
Jason, it was good to meet you at CF2. Those are a lot of great pictures you took. I'll get mine posted later today.

Good to meet you too!

I was happy to point out to everyone that you were the one that led me to
the VMF in the first place.

Keep up the good work with the website, and if you find any more of those
links that become porn sites - let me know - er um - nevermind... /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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