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CF2 video.PC gurus I need help posting it

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I have video of the Burnout contest.How can I upload this and make it viewable.If its easier I will send it to someone who can post it.
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What format is it in? You will probably want it in windows media or real player format so that people will be able to stream it. All you have to do is upload it like a picture, make a link to it, and you are all set up =)
Its your typical 8MM camcorder tape.I upload my pictures with a scanner so I cant upload it that way.
Ohh I see.
Well what you are going to have to do is purchase a special video card and then install that in your computer. The absolute best card for this is the ATI All In Wonder.
Here is the link to the card on ATI's site:
If you go to and search for "ATI All In Wonder" it will give you a list of the different prices (looks like it'll average somewhere around $100). There are also lower versions of this card that I'm sure will do the same thing, this is just the one I've heard most commonly so I linked that one.
This card has audio/video output/input so you can record them onto your computer, compress the video, and then be able to upload it.
Let me know if you need anymore help, there are lots of resources that will help you with this project.
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Find some one who has an apple computer and save it in Quicktime format then you can embed this in your website and everyone can have access to it. This is how i did it for my uni degree

My digital camera can record video clips in QuickTime mov format. I have a couple clips of TFOB and GT350clone's burnouts that I will post.

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