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I have never worked on major engine components (pistons, crank, etc.) with the engine in the vehicle. Has anybody ever replaced the rear crank seal with the engine in place? I have seen those "Chinese finger" deals that pull the seal around the crank inside, while mounted. Seems a little hokey! Anybody have any experience with that? (We are talking I6, here, w/3spd MT - trans and flywheel will most likely be pulled).
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Sure you can do that Dan. It's not that difficult. The best way to do this in car is to loosen all the main bearing caps so the crank can drop a little bit. Then you should be able to push it out from one end as it rotates out of place. Install the new one the same way.

One thing to note, If you have the trans off, you're only about an hour away from having the engine on a stand with one of these little 6's. I'd bet you would save time by pulling the engine to install the seal and reseal the pan, rather then fighting oil dripping in your face and the hassel of doing everything overhead and upside-down.

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