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charging system problems?

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I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. The charging system on my 69 Mach seems to be charging too much. Measured across the battery terminals with the engine running I get 15.2 to 15.7 volts. When I first brought the car home last fall it had acid coming out of the caps on a repro Autolite battery, chaulked it up to a junk re-pop. This is the readings I'm getting now with a new "sealed" battery installed. The regulator is new and the alternator checked in spec at NAPA. None of my manuals list normal voltages, are these too high or am I being too cautious. Thanks for any advice.

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Buzz out all wiring in charging system. One of the wires from the alt to voltage reg may be open or shorted.

Good luck...

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