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charging system problems?

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I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. The charging system on my 69 Mach seems to be charging too much. Measured across the battery terminals with the engine running I get 15.2 to 15.7 volts. When I first brought the car home last fall it had acid coming out of the caps on a repro Autolite battery, chaulked it up to a junk re-pop. This is the readings I'm getting now with a new "sealed" battery installed. The regulator is new and the alternator checked in spec at NAPA. None of my manuals list normal voltages, are these too high or am I being too cautious. Thanks for any advice.

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Mechanical or electronic regulator? I stopped using mechanicals for that very reason when I still ran Harleys. They used the same type as the old Fords on the old Knucks and Shovels I used to play with. If they can be adjusted the vibration will knock them out of spec. I replace the electronic regulator whenever I replace the alternator. I run at 14.3 volts when above idle. I think that mght be why you are boiling your battery. Another poster suggested buzzing the wires and I think that is a good idea as well. You can use an ohmmeter to be sure that all of the wires are okay. If you have never replaced the wires or connectors be ready to replace some of the connectors. The copper wire is sensivite to vibratition and breaks at the connectors pretty easily. If you have to crimp on a new connector, be sure that the copper wire is very clean so you get a good connection between the crimped connector and the wire. Sandpaper or gentle scraping will expose fresh copper.
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