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So much to get caught up on here. For the past 5 months, I've basically just been getting in the car and driving it...even with some of it's issues but it has been SUPER fun regardless.

Some of the things I've had to deal with:

* Found a loose terminal on the breaker to the relay bank powering the fans and power steering under the dash. That loose connection was causing the breaker to open for 5 minutes and then work again for 1 minute so that failsafe works. However, because the fans werent running, the engine would start getting pretty toasty when she was sitting. Luckily, nothing too crazy and it was easy enough to figure out. All was well.

* Developed an engine miss between 1200 and 2300 RPM after the car was warmed up. This one was incredibly annoying. I changed the plugs, wires, messed with fuel maps, fuel pressure, timing, electrical...EVERYTHING i could think of. Then i started wondering if there were header leaks which might be effecting the o2 sensor readings which would also explain some of the pulses i saw in the logs. Started the car armed with a spray bottle of soapy water and sure enough there were header leaks damn near everywhere. Swapped the FelPro's out for Percys which resolved the header leaks. Took it for a drive and there is no more missing and the power is back! I still need to reset the learn table so it can remap but I'm going to wait until it warms up for that since the car isnt getting driven very much right now courtesy of Missouri winter.

* Got caught in the rain and turned the wipers on. They worked great! So great that the wouldnt turn off after the rain stopped. I ended up pulling the ground wire off the motor for the short term. I still need to troubleshoot this one. I was suspecting the switch but it tested out ok over the weekend. So either the motor is being weird or there's a wire off somewhere. I dont intend to drive in the rain much so this is on the back burner for the time being.

* The A/F gauge on the dash was annoying and, frankly, kind of pointless since I intend to keep the Sniper dashboard (to be mounted somewhere convenient in the future). Thus, I have swapped it out to a trans temp gauge instead. I still need to install the sending unit and run the wire but it's wired in.

* Sourcing an exhaust leak. I will be checking all my joints in the exhaust with the soapy water again to see if the exhaust system is leaking as well as checking the trunk for any open areas. Nothing glamorous.

* General messing with ride height and wheel alignment stuff. Current settings are -1 camber +4.5 castor 1/8" toe and the height is more than i'd like. Return to center is great but the latest changes have it under steering and the front tires are rubbing pretty badly. I'm also pretty tired of the coil springs so a call to Shaun at Street or Track will be made in the near future for the coilover stuff and i'll move this system to the convertible since it's all stock. Once the coilover system is installed, I think i'm going to set the wheel alignment specs to -2 camber keeping castor and toe the same. If that doesnt resolve the majority of the rubbing issues, i'm going to work more on the wheel lips. They're pretty flat but I can see where the tires rub on it. Rest assured this thread will be updated.

Things that I know i'll be doing to it this year:

  • coilover conversion on the front w/ this suspension being moved to the convertible (probably start a thread on the convertible since it's going to get some significant modifications as well)
  • shoulder seat belts in the rear seat...complete with car seat
  • mount for the sniper dashboard
  • 'maybe' design and build a new console. Something thats less trashy looking
  • minor adjustments to things like the windows and wire routing that could be better
  • Add the forward facing camera
Most of the work for the year will be on motorcycles and the convertible though.
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