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I know its been covered before. But could some body tell me how to get into the chat room.
For the sake of the exercise please assume I have NIL knowledge of these computer gismos. (Not a great leap of faith)
Assume you are trying to explain the USA electoral system to
a RETARDED martian And there no computers on mars!!!!!!!!
Get the picture? (I'll ask about that on another post)
BTW is it free, if so I'll have 2
IF its easier it may be an idea to send a private meaasge so I don't look like a total dip stick.

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Its really just a chat room on AOL. If you don't have AOL you need AOL Instant messenger which is a free download on AOL's main web page. I don't use AOL IM so I don't know how you get to the chat with that thing.

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Ok I will give it a try,
Go down to the bottom of this page. The one we are on right now.
Click on the Link.
This will bring you to the main Menu page. Just below the greeting there is a Link to the Chat room and
a link to get AOL messenger below that. Click on the AOL link and it will take you to the place you can download
the AOL messenger. You will have to set up a username and Password for it. you may not be able to use your
VMF Handle becuse someone on AOL may already have it. For example. I am TFOB on the VMF but for AOL Messenger I had to use TFOBS. Follow the directions carefully on the AOL site. Once you are set up you can go back to the main VM menu and click on it to bring you to the chat room.
I hope i have made this easy enough, Retard martian.
If any body has an easier way maybe they can let you know.
Good luck and let me know how you do.

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You still won't be able to get in if you're using Netscape. You'll have to update to the newest version of it if you haven't done so already. Good Luck!

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