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I've read a few posts about chat, But where is it. I do not see a way to get there.

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OK... It is gonna be on the home page, BUT, an old version is probably cached in your browser, so you have to go in, clear out your cache, and then load up the page. It is at the top of the menu options, or at the very bottom right hand corner. It requires Instant Messenger, but you can get it free and quick at Netscape's homepage, it isn't that big of a program. Good luck!

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Ok, I downloaded AOL Instant Messenger, but still can't access the Chat room. What configuration do I need to use in order to connect?

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I had the same problem last night. I got on earlier when it was first announced. Then tried again later, but couldn't get in the room. I am in it now and got in with no prob. You might try the link again(the one in the menu box on the main page), or logging into AOL IM first then clicking the link, or refreshing the main page to ensure the link is good and updated, oryour last hope may be to restart you computer, but I don't think you will have to do that......Good luck though..

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