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At egay some guy is auctioning a LOT of aluminum radiators...the type with two WIDE 1" tubes and making the starting price and the buy it now price the same.....USUALLY A LITTLE LESS THAN 200!!

He resonds to emails quick, ships just as quick, and says these radiators are suitable for street use.

I went to a vendor's site and verified this....I haven't gotten or tried mine out, and can't wait!!

Here's one vendor of these:

I might point out he auctions them for what you can buy them for...but since he ships fast, I went with him.

Among the models he auctions is a 19X22" ford/mopar aluminum radiator.......I've seen a few has the lower connection driver's side, upper passenger's side.

About the only feature it doesn't have is a stock tranny cooler (I have an auxiliary anyway!)

Thought I'd post for my fellow VMF who want more cooling!!!
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