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Cheapest way to ship "heavy" stuff to Europe ?

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I'm thinking of buying a disk conversion set for my 66 coupe. I checked the internet and I'm planning to buy a standard SSB kit for around $ 900. But what would be the cheapest way to get this "heavy" package to the Netherlands......? I just called NPD and they estimated the shipping cost between $ 200 - 250 !!
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There has got to be a cheaper way. I sent a flywheel to california from florida for $9 via fedex groud. Check out UPS and FedEx for quotes. DPD screw you really bad on thier shipping and "handling". They charged me $3.50 to ship me a air cleaner decal. Costs $0.32 via regular mail and an envelope.:(
I have been quoted $260 to ship a set of 14" wheels to Ireland, and in about two weeks im about to pay that. I wish there was a cheaper way. If you find out anything, please let me know.

If you know any US Military stationed in Holland, you might be able to have it shipped US Postal Service to their APO/FPO address for a little cheaper, maybe??? That is if NPD will even ship via USPS??? My last assignment was at Ramstein AB, GE. I do know that the cost to ship USPS to an APO/FPO address doesn't cost any more than to ship within the contintal US. Just an idea.

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Move to the states?


Believe me, if i had somewhere to live, a garage and a job; i would be on the next plane and my Mustang on the next ship /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

I regularly send packages to Italy and Bulgaria via the USPostalService. The cost is usually 30% of UPS, FedEX or DHL.
Transit time is 5 to 7 days. Bob.
I just did a UPS calculator.. and they estimated around $219, USPS was about the same...
To be more specific, Summit quoted me 230 dollars via DHL air freight, plus 23.95 handling fee.....

The frightening thing is, its cheaper for me to import the wheels from the USA , than just the cost of the wheels from the UK!

Well, guys thanks for all the replies. I think I wait and try to convince my girlfriend that we need to plan a holiday to the States again next year !! An extra suitcase will do the job....!!
Firstly, isn't $900 a little high for the kit? You could get a Wilwood kit for that!

Secondly, I think your screwed postage wise. One way round it is to send it by boat. I did that with some Christmas present's I sent to England, took 8 weeks but it was way cheaper than air.

$300 for shipping... Boy, I pay around $350-$400 for a round trip flight from California to London!
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