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check out cheap stainless overflow on ebay

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The pic makes it look very nice. I have a few questions - hope you can answer.
Did you buy the Stainless or the aluminum version? Are they true recovery systems of just 'catch' cans?
Did you bid on yours or buy it outright? I just got Must+'s April Newsletter. Their version is $80 ON SALE.
Are the mounting tabs located so that they are exclusive to a Mustang or could they be easily used on other old cars? I have an old Dodge that goes thru a couple of gallons of antifreeze every year - I'd love to find a nice-looking means of hanging on to the coolant (not to speak of the poison I'm putting out for wildlife and domestic animals).

Thanks for the tip!

Glenn Morgan: 66 GT V-Burgundy Fastback 351w+toploader+9 in. TracLoc. Started out as a rusted-out Chicago-area crusher. After sacrificing a solid 66 coupe for its sheetmetal sub-assemblies, I have one solid (and expensive) work in progress!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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