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Check out my Chevy !!!

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OK everybody, let's all just calm down and step slowly away from the keyboards! Before you banish me from the forum for using the "C" word, you gotta check this out! I've got some land up in the hills, and I needed a toy to stick on it. A few months ago, I found a beat-up 72 Blazer. The guy was restoring it, got all the mechanicals in great shape, welded in all new floor pans, and a bunch of other stuff. Then one night he and his buddy got ripped and rolled it. Shattered all the glass, destroyed the top, bashed the body etc. I bought it for $500 !! It runs GREAT! I installed a windshield by bashing the frame with a sledgehammer till it was "close enough", then gooped the glass in with ample quantities of RTV. I permanently rammed the driver door latch shut (guts are destroyed), made a top out of a tarp, and made a rear roll cage out of PVC tube to support it (can you believe some people go through the expense of making these out of steel!). I can't wait to get it up there this spring and start beating the hell out of the poor thing! I'm also going to use it to teach my daughter how to drive on the forest service roads (she ain't learning in the Stang!). Today I tuned it up, replaced the front break pads, and got her all ready to ROCK & ROLL (well, maybe not the "roll" part).

66 Coupe, check her out at

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