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Check out my personal page...

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I just updated the Parking lot and added a personal page to my website that you can access from my main page. Learn a little about the man you have all come to love.... Me of course! BTW, I have a few spelling errors I need to correct so sorry about that. I'm also going to add a pic of a engine I took from a 69 351W. It looks like everything is there. ...

See my 69 convertible and the VMF parking lot at:
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Finally, I've checked out your page. Great looking car. I didn't realize it was a convertible. I am glad to see others making "hot rods" out of the cverts.


UCLA (Upper Corner, Lower Alabama)
Thank God it doesn't snow this far south!!!
1965 Convertible, 351W, Tremec, 9", continuous "improvements"
1996 Explorer XLT - daily driver
2000 Taurus - wife's driver
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