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Check out my photo album of my 69 Mach

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G'day, Ive just created a new pic album for all to see my car, my fiance, my future father in laws car and my kids.Enjoy!
South Australia
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It may just be me, but I am getting a whole lot of nothing on the photo album.
Ditto on the nothing.
I found them. Or at least I found some. You have to click on the link on the left...
Cool Car I viewed the pics without any problems. One thing however Your picture of your five (5) kids. In america we count differently I guess because I counted seven (7). Must be that american math........... "G"day.
HOLY POP UP ADS!! nice looking car, though.
Ok. Nevermind... I see them. It was my mistake.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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