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Check out my Rear End!

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Finally got over to my Dad's house to take some pics of the versailles rear, check it out:

The rear pads were almost new! (going to replace anyway.)
Rear is a 2.47 w/ no Traction Lok, no surprising. Dillholes at the yard also cut the E-brake cables! I guess I'll have to have some made up or modify my exitsting ones. At least they left me the ends.

So whattaya guys think?

65 Fastback 289 4spd in storage :-(
91 CRX Si... A.K.A. my go-kart with AC!
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That looks very much like the iron that I have waiting to go in my 67 coupe. I have not done anything with it yet because I still have 2 quarter panels left to do. Here are some comments / questions.

- I have heard that this rearend will bolt into 67-70 with no mods. Im not sure about 65-66, would it be too wide?
- I had to get a 65-66 shock monting plate to acommodate the wider axle housing.
- I need to change the yoke any suggestions / insight? can I use the yoke off my 8"?
- I will probably go with gears around 3.50 possibly with a locker (if money allows).
- My ebrake cable is gone too, but the brackets are there. I dont think this will be a huge issue.
- I know that an adjustable proportioning valve is needed to make this happen, so I plan on getting one.

I just wanted to keep the thread going - anyone out there who has done this have any input? What obstacles should I expect?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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