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Check out my workshop assistants

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Well I finally figured out how to get a photo on the system. The one below was taken about 6 months ago. My two kids, Jacob (4) and Courtney (2) are a great help at losing tools, burying parts in the sandpit etc. The cowl was the first big job I attempted and it came out great. I had to fit the cowl vent repair panels on both sides as they were both rusted out. Since the cowl I have replaced the trunk floors, battery apron, patched rust holes in wheelhouses and floor. I have just painted the engine bay and am now reassembling the front suspension. Its good to start puting things back on instead of pulling parts off.

Tim Russell
Sale, Victoria, Australia
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If your kids can weld, can you send them over to my house so they can fix my floors? :)

What a GREAT shot! Do you think they can come over to my place and retreive a wrench I dropped in the cowl? Their little hands and arms probably can reach in there. *G*
Oh, do you have to convert the car to right hand drive?
I was at Scott Drake one day several years ago (I live about 5 miles from 3 great Mustang parts stores - NPD, Mustangs and More and Scott Drake Enterprises - hehehe), and two chaps (I believe that's what they are called down under) were closely inspecting a center link. Upon approaching and talking to them they were Aussies and were here inspecting parts that they would use to convert US Mustangs to Right Hand Drive over there.

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We can now fully register Left hand drive vehicles that are over 30 years old so I will be keeping my baby with the steering wheel on the left. The Right Hand Drive conversions use a collection of parts from different models and destroy originality and most change the steering geometry.

Tim Russell
Sale, Victoria, Australia
67 Convertible
Sayyyyyy, wait a minute. Who is that big kid in the middle? LOL.

You can see my 65 fastback at:
Kids really are a bib help! Plus they can sand those hard to get at places!

Gene J
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Ah yes, Still a kid at heart, just the toys are bigger, and more expensive

Tim Russell
Sale, Victoria, Australia
67 Convertible
Hey TIMBO, very nice - oh yeah the car looks OK too.

Chaps in deed this is not England .

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Pocket size helpers become car lovers when they "grow up", just like Daddy (or Mommy).

BTW That's a nice 67 in the photo.


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Great shot of the "helpers" - Why is it that when my sons "help" the project usually takes 25% longer to complete??
For other little mustangers, see the photo "Jim" has posted.

BTW, I can ask my sons "what's the coolest car ever" and they immediately chirp "MUSTANGS!!" Ah to be a molder of young minds!! Dickson

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