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check this out... one of a kind shelby

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everyone check out:

they have a one of a kind shelby that im sure you guys are gonna be drooling over
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Nice paint, super graphics, sweet wheels.

Secret ballot says...TWO THUMBS DOWN!

That is sickening. To heck with a lawsuit...How about drawing and quartering using real Shelbys on the corners.

And to think, I was going to paint my Psuedo-Shelby Blue with white Le Mans stripes. AGHHHHHHHH!!!
Looks like it's rice out night on VMF.

69 Fastback 302 2v 3sp. trans.
Time to sell my Shelby if thats what they are comming to.

68 GT500
68 1/2 CJ Coupe

MCA# 18519
Oh no!!!! What the heck is that???

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)
that is just wrong... there is no other way to describe it. just wrong

San Antonio, Tx
66 coupe 289
70 fastback done by may/graduation...hopefully
i say light a match and watch it burn to the ground!!!
Ouch! Is this rice-car really something Carroll will sign his name to?

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'68 Shelby GT-500KR fastback 428CJ
As Pepe Le Pew would say "I think I am in love!"...LOL
I had a T-shirt that said; Sure, they made Shelbys after 1970, but who gives a s**t?

Had the shirt long before the Series 1 came out, really a cool looking car (For a G.M.) Would love to have one.

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1. Duct Tape
2. J.B. Weld
3. B.F.H. (Big Fat Hammer)
(Power is cheap, reliability costs money!)
WOW....I was ready to start drooling too............
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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