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chev 350 power

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Just finished the motor. How big can I cut the holes in the doors for my mega-stereo.

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Well.... As I see it you have several options.

1) If this car is powered by a 350 chevy , I would suggest cutting a many holes in the car a possible. This will greatly reduce the cars weight and should return the cars performance to it's former glory.

2) Just cut two large holes in the deck lid and mount the speakers facing outward. I'm sure someone on this board could furnish you with a recording of a "real" exhaust note.

3) Next time you go to jack-in-the box drive thru , see if you can remove the big plastic head , seems you have a hole in the roof for mounting it.

4) Option 3 goes nicely with the PA system from an ice cream truck.

Sorry , I just had to

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Well.......... you don't see white spokes on Mustangs very often...........

That is a realy unique place to mount the rear spoiler...........

Chev 350 huh? I guess there is something to be said about adding ballast to the front end to keep the wheels on the ground during a hard launch............

I guess something's gotta' overcome all that "chemical lightening" going on on the body..........

OK........... I think I ran out of nice things to say...................*G*. (F-in chevy guys anyway.........).

Love hard, drive fast, wear your seat belt.

PS, that's my 'bird...... My Mustang is too ugly to take pictures of yet........*G*.
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what ever you do... please keep your tank full.

M.C.A.# 50000
And don't park so far off the curb next time. You might miss out on screwing up your tires if you aren't careful.

BTW. I hope you mounted it backwards. The distributor cap has to go in front on a Ford.


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LOL at least this guy can spell "camaro" unlike the last time

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Listen to Marc.... those holes you cut into the body are called "Speed Holes"... allow the air to pass through the car, rather than around, over, under, etc... makes the car go faster. *nod nod*

'66, 302-4bbl, Granada disk brakes, etc, etc...
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