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Had to share - I feel like a little kid!!! - Just got an email from Chris Alston's!! (see below)
As some of you know, I placed an order for the tcp front setup for my 67 FB project as soon as Chris Alson's took over. I was ready to place the order last march but TCP very inconvienently went out of business. Looks like the project may be getting back on track.

On the 67, I have the subframe connectors all welded in as well as the Passenger side torque box. Once I get the shipment, Ill do a mock up and take some pix. Then I just need to get my hot little hands on some good fenders and I am ready for paint.

On an only slightly related note, I picked up a set of TCP lower arms on ebay last week to round out my 65 front. Ill put them on tomorrow and post pics. The 65 has the GENI manual rack, TCP uppers, Street or Track Struts and opentracker brand roller perches :)

Whhheeeeeeeeeeeee :) :) :) :)

"***Do not reply to this e-mail. UPS and Chris Alston's Chassisworks will not receive your reply.

This message was sent to you at the request of Chris Alston's Chassisworks to notify you that the package information below has been transmitted to UPS. The package(s) may not have actually been placed with UPS for shipment. To verify when and if the shipment is tendered to UPS and its actual transit status, click on the tracking link below or contact Chris Alston's Chassisworks directly.

Important Delivery Information


Scheduled Delivery: 27-August-2004

I wonder if it will be the whole thing or just part. We will see.
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