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Choke Tube thingy

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I upgraded to Tri-y's and am wondering what I should do with the tube that runs from the carb (original 2100) that used to hook up to the exhuast manifold. Has anyone run into this and if so what did you do, the tube is kind of ugly so if there is a way to eliminate it or reroute it that would be great. If I understand it, the tube controled the choke, is this right?
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You are right it is for the choke.

You have 3 options:
1/ You can go without a choke,
2/ Get an electric choke
3/ Fabricate some mounting gizmo to replicate the stock manifold mount.
I fabbed mine using aluminum tube. Routed it between the valvecover & intake to the back of the motor, then down between the back of the head and firewall. Make 2-3 turns around the #4 header tube, and bend the return tube back up to the carb. use a stainless radiator hose clamp to hold it tight on the header tube.

Not very noticable & works great. Sorry, should have taken some pictures! I think Russtang just did this to his also.....
Mr Gasket Makes a choke stove kit to be used with headers. Just bought one this way you can still use your choke.
Sergio -

Your AVATAR is linked to a [color:red]HUGE 330K picture</font color=red>. Please resize it to 65x75 pixels instead of 900 x 600, which should be about 2K-3K in size. That 330K monster takes about a week for people on dialup to download!!!

Same as GT350Clone said - fab one yourself - you don't want to run without a choke tube (and this is so easy even I could do it....)

You can make one out of $5 worth of parts from the plumbing area of Home Depot. Get some 1/4" tubing (like you plumb an icemaker with) and the correct compression fittings to attach it to the carb. As Clone said, route it back behind the head and down to the headers. You won't even need a tube bender - copper tube is really soft. Attach to the header, wrap with insulating tape, and you'll be in business. Dickson
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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