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CHP wears bow ties

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Last Camaros off the assembly line go to...California Highway Patrol.
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. . . does that last sentence (As the CHP's 285 S281 Ford Mustangs . . .) actually mean that they ran 285 Saleeen S281's, or was this something else? Just curious.

I think they are just talking about the 5.0's
I think law enforcement has been a little po'd at Ford lately over the gas tanks in the Crown Vics popping and burning in accidents...

Wonder if the CHP is going to completely switch to GM....
Saw one of those Bad Boys on the road today creeping along behind my Bobtail!! Those lights are low profile, and resemble a ski rack in your rear view. Look out everyone!!
I saw one of the CHP Camaros at a Goodguys car show recently and, rather than all white, this one was painted up in the standard CHP black and white colors. The light bar is indeed low profile and inconspicuous. He said they had run into an electronic speed limiter when testing the first unit delivered at 159 mph. As the owner of an LS1 powered Z28 I can personally vouch for the flat out power and speed of these cars. Mine has 2.73 gears and an automatic and can still turn in the mid 13's in the quarter mile. I notice that the article implies that these cars are "specially prepared" for the CHP, but the engine/transmission are pure stock. Maybe the suspensions are beefed, but the LS1 engine is the same one in all the other V8 Camaros. These cars are rated between 305 and 310 hp at the flywheel by Chevy, but most of them pull 300+ on the dyno at the rear wheels giving them a real flywheel of around 375 hp. They are awesome cars. (But I still love my vintage Mustangs).
the sjmc said that they were supposed to be supercharged... put I somehow doubt that.
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