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Christmas in July!!!

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I just made one of the largest Mustang parts purchases of my life. Since my '66 vert daily driver has had the same suspension in place since '86, won't keep an alignment, squeaks like crazy, and has manual steering I'm replacing it all.

I ordered the Rode's Restoration Power steering conversion kit with the correct '66 pump and bracket. This seems to be the best "kit" out there and I've gotten good feedback from fellow VMFers on the company.

I ordered the basic suspension rebuild kit with Midolyn bushings from American Pony.

I ordered the 447# 1" lowering coil springs from NPD. I debated spring rate for a long time and almost bought the progressive Rate springs from Pro Motorsports, but decided since the 447# are stiffer than stock, but much cheaper than the progressive rates I'd give them a try. I like the current ride with the 1" sway bar and stock springs and think 620# springs would be too harsh, so this should be just right. Besides, I could always upgrade to the progressive rates later.

I bought the heavy duty 4 leafs from Dallas Mustang since they had a good price and I didn't have to pay shipping on an oversized item. I didn't go with the 4 1/2 leafs since I don't want the rear too harsh, but want a little bit stiffer spring than I currently have. The current stock springs on my car are just a little too soft and squeak ALOT.

And lastly I bought a new set of HiPo exhaust manifolds at Dallas Mustang for $229 pr. I have Try-Ys now, but really don't want the hassle of a lowering bracket on a lowered daily driver, this thing needs to be as dependable as possible.

Anyway, now that I'm broke again I need to get back to work. It'll be tough getting any work done latter in the week when the UPS guy starts ringing my door bell /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
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