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Christmas in March/ Stupid Electric Q?

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Today I recived two gifts from [color:yellow]JEGS</font color=yellow> and a few from Well there not really gifts i just havent paid for them yet. They are just little odds and ends but it sure feels like christmas when I get new toys in the mail. One thing I orderd from JEGS is an AutoMeter gauge set, Just mechanical oil/water/volts With [color:white]White</font color=white> faces to match my White overlays i have yet to install.
My question is: Can i wire the lights for the gauges in series or do i have to make Three different circuts. The three lights each have a Red and black wire but i thought i could just make one big loop insted of three, am i right? TIA

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you could do it in series, but if one bulb goes, they all go. SO you wouldn't know which one blew. In parallel (separate) they will work independently of each other......It's just like christmas lights when you buy the cheap ones...when one bulb goes...the whole string goes....and it sucks to try and find the bad one.....

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I agree, wire them in parallel. If I remember correctly (and I actually got an electrical engineering degree?) bulbswired in parallel all get the same voltage but different current but in series each bulb a long the string gets less and less voltage but the same amount of current.


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you are correct. wire them in parallel unless the manual calls otherwise. If each bulb is a 12vdc bulb you have to wire them parallel. If they are not, then the harness for this pack should have already been wired in series. You will know it if you wire them in parallel and they weren't supposed to be because they will blow in a few seconds.
By the way, I am an Electrical Engineer also.
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