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Chrome Plater in San Diego

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Who is a good chrome plater in the San Diego or SoCal area. I need the vent window frames plated along with several other pieces like the glove box door, console. Cost is a consideration, but I want it done correctly and am willing to pay fair value. Thanks for any advice.
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I've been getting work done in Orange County which I know doesn't answer your question, but I am looking into going to Mexicali for any future work. Price is a consideration and so is quality. If you do the surface prep and there are no repairs to be done you'll save. Maybe we could get a bulk rate as I have a lot of work to get done in my stock and won't try to sell it until it's done. Let me know.
I have your e-mail address from when you got in touch with me on registering my Black Plates on my '67 and would like to get with you again about finally getting it registered. It expired in 96 and I don't want to give them up.

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