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Hi all, Malcolm here! I currently own a 1969 Ford Mustang fastback, which I'm looking to upgrade with a better front end suspension. I am not keen into the mustang II suspension kit given that it requires considerable alterations to the front end, and I like to keep alterations to the body/chassis down to zero. In view of this, I have been looking at coil over kits offered by various companies.

These kits seem to be a direct bolt on, with no modifications to the body needed, which would make them ideal for my application. However there is something that has been making me feel a bit uneasy about their design, in particularly, the way in which the coil spring is now attached directly on the lower control arm, as against the upper control arm. In the former configuration the lower ball joint would be taking all the stress/weight of the car and would be constantly being "pulled away" from the spindle. This is not the case in the standard configuration whereas the upper arm ball joint took all the force of the car and its ball joint would be on the contrary being pushed against the spindle.

Please bear in mind that I am no mechanical engineer or in any way criticizing the design of these kits, but I am currently seeking information/personal experience about this coilover design and whether the concerns about the lower ball joint being constantly pulled away from the spindle is something to worry about or not.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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