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classic mustang VIN history search?

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I'd like to research my '65 history. Wondering where to get started given the following - Kansas City DSO, car has been registered in TX before FL only know previous owner,
none before that. Those internet search svcs seem only to work for post-1981 17 digit VIN's and charge $40 whether they find anything or not. Any resource suggestions? -thx.
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There was an article about title history in this month's MCA magazine. It listed the addresses for the DMV's for most states. Check with your present state first and they should have a form you can submit. Then you have to do the same for any other states you find it was registered in. I submitted a request about 2 weeks ago in TN and am waiting for a reply.
Good luck.


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According to the Mustang Times, for Texas contact:

Texas Division of Motor Vehicle Title & Reg
40th & Jackson Ave
Austin TX 78779-0001
(512) 465-7611

I thought the article was kinda neat since when it came out I had already tried on my own to research my 66 GT Convertible's history through the Oklahoma Tax Commission. I paid $7.50 for a microfiche title search for the car using the VIN #. It took me two weeks to get the report, but it was worth it as I was able to trace the car back about 23 years ago.

I bought the car through a dealer in Texas, but the car came from OK. Through the title info, I was able to track down the POs by doing a people search on the web using their names and comparing them to what was on the title. I contacted the last two known POs and discovered both lived at different addresses, but the same town. I gave them a call and sure enough they were who I was looking for. The last PO (1987 - 2001) unfortunately didn't remember much about the car since it was her husband's and he had passed away a few years ago. She just remembered he bought it to work on it and fix it up and hadn't driven it much. She didn't have any paperwork either.

Through the title and internet people search, I found the PO who owned it from about 1978-1987 too. He still lives in the same town in OK. He was a nice gentleman and was very willing to discuss what he remembered about the car. He has a vivid recollection of the car’s history and we talked about 20 minutes or so. He said he bought the car about 18 years ago (hard to remember that long ago he said) and he had owned it for about 8-10 years before getting rid of it. He said he loved driving the 4-speed, but his son wanted an automatic, so he traded it for a 1966 2-door hardtop with an automatic. He said he sold the car to a teacher at Oklahoma State University (OSU). He got $10,000 for it. He said he bought the car in Fort Collins Colorado from a guy who had fixed it up for his daughter (he had several Mustangs, about 8, at the time), but she didn’t want it because of the 4-speed. He said it was in the 30,000 miles range car when he bought it. He went on to say he lived in Denver Colorado when he had it and he hardly ever had the top up.

This is where my search comes to a halt. Tracing it back to Ft Collins CO, I contacted the Dept of Revenue in Colorado to try a title search there. They do have the service available, but I was told they purged all records (including microfiche) for anything 1985 and older, so I'm outta luck.

Note: both states I contacted had web sites and the title search info and downlaodable request forms were available on the sites.

Good luck in your search.

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I tried searching my car's ownership with Florida since that's where the car was originally delivered and where the last PO got it from. All I could go back to was 1982 when the previous-previous owner took ownership. Before that Florida doesn't have any records (so they say). Plus, the original Ford dealership in Miami ceased to exist in 1977.

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I wrote the Nevada DMV and received (in about 2 weeks) the history of my car back to 1972, the earliest they kept records. The car spent at least 18 years in Las Vegas, Clark County, NV before its restoration. If only my car could talk and tell me about what happened from the LA DSO to 1972.

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