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Cleaning Engine for Painting

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I took my engine out about two days ago, and now that its out before I re-install anything I would like to paint it. Now its kind of dirty and greasy, but you can still see the blue. So I want to clean it up and prime it and paint it with the high temp blue. Just wandering how to go about cleaning it for the paint.

Thanks John
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Soap and water . I use Gunk engen degreaser .
Try using wax and grease remover with a scotch brite pad and give everything a good going over. All the old oil and grease is what will make the paint lift of if the block is not prepared properly.
You may also try Simple Green and for final rinse try Dawn Dish soap. It does have a degreasing agent. I saw this in a mag.
I will be doing this as well next week, my plan is to pull the engine, hit it with simple green and scrub all of the big chunks of grease & oil off with a couple of stiff brushes, then spray the heck out of it with some perryman degreaser and let it sit for a little bit, scrub some more, and pull out the pressure washer and give it the once over. That should clean it up good enough to paint.
Simple Green... good stuff /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
I used "Greased Lightening" and Castrol Super Clean. It says to use gloves but I did'nt. Probnably should have as it started to eat way at the skin in the cracks of my hand, oh well they look just fine now. Try to find some high heat primer also, not just regular stuff. Hope this Helps.
What about Easy Off oven cleaner??? or do i get a dufus award.
Also on rusty non oily areas a Dremel with the wire wheel bit works great.
Block off any openings that will allow water to get inside..spray it with any good degreaser and use a stiff bristle brush to scrub it..I then finish mine off with a good power wash..let it dry in the sun..then you're ready for for me
I used easy off oven cleaner and it worked awesome. While it was on the engine stand with the valve covers and oil pan off, I sprayed the engine with about 2 cans, left it setting in the hot sun to soak, then I used a small wood chisel to scrape the tuff spots, rinsed and repeated. When it dried I took a die grinder with a small wire wheel to ruff up the block.(Dont forget the face shield)Primed and then painted, lubed the cylinders and turned them over. Daryl
I used POR15's engine painting kit. The color you want is corporate blue. It is a pain to prep the block and its kind of expensive but well worth it. You will have to strip the block to bare metal, I used paint remover and little wire toothbrush looking things to get it all off. Then you wash the block with the included Marine Clean, rinse, then spray with the included Metal Ready. After it sits for I think 15 min you rinse off completely paint the block with the silver POR-15 and when it becomes tacky you paint on the topcoat, corporate blue in my case. The final result is beautiful!!!! And guaranteed to not flake off. It is well worth the effort.

...and then I went one step further. I sprayed down the whole thing with carb cleaner to make sure I flushed out any water, and removed the last bits of grease or soap scum. Hate that damn soap scum I can tell ya! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
I used Simple Green concentrate, let it stand awhile, then blasted clean using a modest (1300 psi) pressure washer, which provided plenty of power to do the job.
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