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I have the following laying around:

From an '89 Crown Vic police car (all used):
351W AOD torque convertor
Alternator (minus pulley)
351W 2V intake and carb (variable venturi carb, I think you need a computer to operate it. I dont have the computer.)
Oil cooler, hoses, and sandwich adaptor
351W dampener (4 bolt). WIll also work for early 289/302
351W exhaust manifolds w/oxygen sensor (can be plugged if so desired)
Water pump from the 351W. Serpentine (reverse rotation). Working when removed. Changed engine to V-belt so I had to buy a different water pump. The pump looks like it would fit the early 289/302/351W front covers.

Other stuff:
NEW brake shoes for 8" Ford rear (Albany brand)
NEW u-bolts and nuts for 8" Ford rear (bought new from Mustangs unlimited, changed to narrowed 9" so I never used the bolts)
NEW B&M Transpak AOD shift kit. Decided to go with the Transgo kit so this is still new in the box. It's been more than 90 days so I can't return it to Summit.

Everything else listed below is used:
'65 8" rear, open 2.79 gears. Working when removed. Needs brake work.
'67 8" rear, open 2.79 gears(?). From parts car, condition unknown.
'84 351W block, crank, and mains (I believe it to be standard bore, but there is a scratch in one cylinder. Some surface rust)
'84 351W heads. Slight surface rust but look to be in decent shape otherwise. From a parts deal, I never had them on an engine so plan on new seals, etc just in case
'65 C4 valve body with shift kit installed (B&M Transpak)
'65 C4 tranny X-member
'67 gauge cluster (from parts car, condition unknown but wiring on back looks excellent)
'65 horns. Working when removed.
'67 glove box (maroon)

I also have the remains of my '67 parts car. The hood and trunk are DOA. Floorpans are GONE. Frame rails look good. Dash is unmolested and in good shape. It was a V8 car so if someone needs the front suspension stuff for a 6 cylinder to V8 conversion it might be of use. The rear glass is gone. The windshield is being transplanted to my '65 next weekend. The door glass looks pretty good, but I have not pulled the glass for inspection (it's still in the doors, which are still on the car...). Some rust spots on the doors. Drip rails look good. I'd rather get rid of the whole car than part it out (too bloody hot to be pulling parts this time of year and my wife wants it out of the yard...)

I'm looking for:
Calibration kit for an Edelbrock 1405 carb (600 CFM). Also interested in the jets/rods/springs to go one stage and two stages richer on this carb instead of getting the whole kit.
Transgo AOD shift kit
'65 underhood harness (oil pressure idiot light, water temp, heater blower, etc- a bunch of wires) in good shape
Disc front brake conversion parts

Please PM me if you see anything of interest. I'll also consider selling items outright. Thanks /forums/images/icons/smile.gif


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Finally- at the end. I found something I have that you need! I have a complete disc conversion (Granada or 71 Mustang) for $675 + shipping. That includes everything from hoses to M cyl to bearings & seals, sandblasted spindles & dust shields, etc. Your choice of Granada proportioning valve or adjustable.

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I am looking for the part of the trunk latch that bolts to the trunk lid. I don't need the latch itself, just the catch. Do you have one avaliable? Thanks.


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I am looking for the small bracket that bolts to the front pillar. The fender brace clip bolt goes through it where you attach the niut from inside the cowl side panel.

I seem to have lost one over the course of the overhaul. I really don't have anything you need, but will buy it outright if you have one.

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