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I need to get rid of some parts I've accumulated.

First is a complete 289 long block + accessories from a 66 stang, all #'s match. I have the original 2V intake and carb setup, the exhaust manifolds, everything. I believe it is standard 4.000 bore as I was the 3rd owner and it was a low mileage car but I don't want to crack the heads off cause it is being sold 'complete'. Ran when pulled but needs rebuild.

I have the matching 3 speed manual transmission that came off with the 289. It shifts well and crisp. I have all the linkage, bellhousing, everything in between the two.

I have a set of "E7" Ford 302/5.0 HO heads. These were on a donor motor and I ended up using different heads. They are stock, and in good condition.

Next is some intake manifolds I've tried before settling on the one I have on now. First is a Ford dual plane aluminum 4V manifold. I believe it came off an early 80's 5.0HO, good condition. I also have an Offenhauser 360 dual plane manifold that I have to get rid of. It came off a 68 302 4V high performance engine, I believe it was the original intake manifold. I had it sandblasted and clearcoated, looks awesome.

I also have parts from a donor motor, the accessories and top end off of an 87 5.0HO out of a lincoln mark VII. I have the complete EFI setup including upper manifold, lower manifold, rails, wiring, computer, etc. I have a few front accessories like alternator, distributor, etc that came off the same engine.

I have a set of brand new coil spring perches, also called saddles. They are what the coil spring sits on. They are new replacement with rubber bushings.

I have a set of Competition Engineering subframe connectors for 66 or similar year mustang. These are the weld-in ones and I needed the bolt-in ones.

I have many random parts and accesories if you need a 'core' for rebuild or just one little piece off of something. basically anything that would come off of a 68 302 or 87 5.0 complete long block motor. Stock camshafts, timing gears, oil pans, bolts, rocker arms, pushrods, pistons, rods, rod bolts, whatever. I also have a lot of suspension parts off my 66 that I replaced and you may need one or two things so let me know.

Like I said, I'm just trying to clean out the shop and garage. Make an offer on anything or email me if you want to know if I have something or if you want pictures, I have a digital camera. I am in central CA and would prefer pickup but I don't mind shipping so long as the buyer pays for it. Email or prive message with offers or questions.

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I am interested in the spring perches. Are they for 64-73
or ? Fair price + shipping...
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