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I will try to the best of my ability to describe the parts and condition. Most were removed from a '69 Mach 1, a couple came from a '67. I am cleaning the shelves in my shop and they must go.


-Heater Motor-Autolite, works, Motor only. Insulation on the yellow wire frayed, repaired with heat shrink $10
-'67-8 Shock Tower Braces $10
-Battery Tray Grp 24, some pitting below battery area, #3 30 2D $5
-Timing chain cover, BB-390 C3AE-6059-A w/pointer, date C5, $25
-Thermostat Housing, BB C8AE-8594-E w/port $5
-Parking light housing to valance, L/R C7ZB-13237-A/6A, includes one mounting bracket $12


-Coil Spring Cover's, no bumpers $20 PR.
-Splash shield, rear, LH, 1 1/2" crack at top towards the apron $5
-Drum Brake Pedal, Manual Trans, Pad and trim OK but not great. $20
-Rear eBrake cables, rubber sleeve's cracked $20
-SB Exhaust Manifolds, not sure from what, they were on the 351, marked 3R3-9430/31BB, no cracks Make Offer
-7/8" Front Sway Bar, w/nuts, bolts and mounting brackets, old bushings $30
-Lower Control Arm Cam Bolts $10
-1/4 Panel Scoop, RH Nice, no grille $10
-4 Speed Trans Mount, SB slots have been elongated for more adjustment $10
-'69 Headlight Bucket, Driver side tab broken off that attaches to valance, some cracks around mounts Ok Driver quality $20
-Complete A/C Heater box, w/floor diffuser around a console, connector to center vent (No Hose), blower box, Motor works, minor crack on one corner of box, vacuum hoses and gromment to firewall, no center/side vents or hoses $100
-Steering Column w/nut, no turn signal switch or wheel $20
-Clutch Z Bar Bracket-Frame Rail side SB $5
-C4 Inspection plate $2.50
-Engine Crossmember w/bolts $20
-Rear Fastback/Mach 1 Tinted glass, Carlite, Date Code 8L, Nice, very minor scratches $150
-Tailight housings w/gaskets & Lenses, lenses not that good PR $10
-'69 Mach 1 Temperature gauge for non-tach dash, works $15
-Original Engine Lift Hooks, Nice, '68-9 390GT, 68 Shelby GT500 428PI, PN#C60Z-17K004 A/B & C8ZZ-, not stamped with PN#, media blasted, ready for paint $50
-Pair of 69-70 reproduction rear tie down brackets, no bolts, these were made by bossreg on the Boss site. Long type. $40 pr.

I will clean and media blast any part prior to shipping if you wish at no additional charge. Prices do not include shipping charges. If there is anything you are really interested in I can take pictures and email them. All parts are in good condition, except where noted, and are original except those so stated.

I am open to offer's on anything, you can email me at; [email protected] with any questions. Thanks for looking, Mike
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