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I don't know how many hours I put into that but it was too many.
I scraped and wire brushed until I lost my sanity which didn't take a really long time and would
then have to go back and get on it again for a while. Finally got one done.
I don't even know where there is a sand blaster now but they use industrial air pressure usually
and I was concerned they would ruin these considering that they are pot metal. I decided
to clean them up by hand, the absolute hardest way possible.

The red dots I have placed show extreme weak points in the frame. If you are scraping or
wire brushing in this area you can easily bend and break the thing in this spot. I used Klean
Strip its-not-really-for-aircraft aircraft stripper. I'm outside doing this. The first time I sprayed
it on there it just sat there doing nothing. After some scratching of the cranial area I finally
hit on the idea somehow of putting hot air to it. The stuff boiled up like it was, well, boiling.
It worked. Apparently, it was too cold for it to activate.

The back of mine had a hint of overspray from the factory. I'm curious if they painted these
on a bench or actually had them sitting loosely on the car when they sprayed them. I left the
deflectors off the back because I still need to sand and re-spray them.

My car had 3 primers and at least 3 paint jobs. The last one was either several coats or it had
been scuffed and repainted again. The primer and paint could be measured in 16ths of an inch
instead of mil's. Cleaning up those chrome vent hole covers was ridiculous. Through the
multiple re-paints my car has had they didn't bother to do a decent job of masking those off so
they were half painted in black. It was very hard to get the paint off those things and I still
have a little that I need to remove on them.

One more to go.

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I was fortunate in that I had my louvers media blasted, which saved a lot of time and aggravation.
I cleaned up the aluminum mesh as best as I could, and then airbrushed them using Testor's Aluminum paint.
Polishing the chrome helped, and after that I masked and then airbrushed the blacked-out portions using Testor's once again.
The black deflectors I painted using SPI black.
There's a lot of parts in those louvers! There's no way you'd see something that part-intensive in a new car.
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