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It seems I had an over inflated worth of some of my dear Cleveland parts. So, here is a chance to get some loot cheap.

Block, crank --$100
4V heads, closed chamber with valves, rockers, and aluminum valve covers -- $200
6 KB 177 pistons with rings. Used for about 100 miles. -$50
Milodon oil pan, with temp fitting -- $50
stock rods, with pistons -- $75
New oil pump and pickup - $15
3 2V exhaust manifolds one of each side, plus a spare. --$25
3 4V exhaust manifolds, same story -- $100 come on! This is CHEAP! 100 bucks for ALL 3 of them.
cast iron intake manifold -- $25
Hooker 4V headers. The big tube versions, with 3.5 inch collectors. for a 71-73 with a 4 speed. Used, but nice. Flanges have been milled down flat, so they don't leak. One tube is wrinkled on the bottom.-- 100 bucks. These are almost $500 new!
Free C-6 trans to the first person who buys 100 dollars worth of stuff.

I don't think I could live with myself if I sold this stuff any cheaper.

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Dan, consider the 4V closed chamber heads and the Hooker headers sold! I'll send a PM.....
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