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Im listening to everything everyone is saying, but Im confused about this engine. Im just want to make sure that since this car is a restomod should I buy a new engine or crate motor or something. Im just wandering what can I do with the engine. I cant get any new heads because no one makes aftermarket heads. No one has ever made a twin turbo cleveland which is something I reall would like to do with like a efi system or even a carburetor system with a funnel web intake manifold and a 750 double pumper just need to know how I can do the turbo part and make it work. Im just needing something to do with this engine. I want this engine to kick ass at the strip but also to be alright to drive it to school too.

Thanks John

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Australian Muscle Parts carries them.

They have a California warehouse. I dont have the contact info just yet. They are called 3V heads because they are half way between 2V and 4V
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