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First, Cleveland owners.. Please tell me what you have in your engine if it has worked well for you..(cam, crank, intake, pistons, heads,lifters?)

Did the cleveland 4v engines have 4 bolt mains? I'm trying to get performance. Maybe a couple highschool drags and a few burnouts.. Not a racing engine. I have built C6 tranny and 3.70 9".

Once again, thanx for anyhelp you can offer.

Tom Reinhardt
(discouraged owner, I still believe in the old car though:)

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Tom--Well have not got mine started (see earlyier post) But it should run good. See my website in pic for my setup.
Headers can be a pain. depending on your cars options. 4 speed is a real pain. Try Sanderson Headers (shorties) or Ford Powertrain Applications (long).
-2 bolt or 4 bolt. 2 bolt will be fine if you are under 600 hp.
You have good gears for the C. It like tall gears.
C's like duration for a street engine 228-234 is good 112 lobe sep and high .5's for lift
You might want to think about new rockers, valves with single groove keepers. weakest part of engine.
Crank will be fine. same with pistons or go with Keith Black silvolite. Inexpensive and good.
Intake.. The stock really is not that bad, Performer dual plane, Blue Thunder High rise dual plane are all good choices
C really are not that cheap to set up. But they have good breading in the first place so they really do not need much
Post a little more info about your car and engine and we can help out a little more.
Open or closed chamber?

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Not all cleveland 4v's had 4bolt mains. Generally the 71 CJ, boss,72,and73 4v's had 4 bolts that's not to say all. You'll have to tell us what you have now to better help you.

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I am very please with the way mine runs although I have not taken it to the track or dyno yet. It runs strong but is not a race car. The Cleveland can be rather costly to build. If I had it to over again I would build a Windsor since there is much more selection of performance parts in the aftermarket.


1973 351C CJ 4-bolt main block bored and honed .030” over with torque plate
1973 351C 4-barrel open chamber heads
Block, main caps, crankshaft and heads magna-fluxed for cracks
Three-angle valve job
Heads milled
Heads machined to accept screw-in rocker studs
Block decked for flatness and 90 deg alignment to crankshaft (10:1 CR)
Polished lifter valley
Polished and cc’d (76cc) combustion chambers
Polished exhaust pockets and ports
Manley stainless steel, swirl polished, valves
Silicone bronze valve guides
Manley screw-in rocker studs
Competition Cams double valve springs with dampener
Manley hardened push rod guides
Crane one-piece hardened push rods
Competition Cams hydraulic roller cam; .566 lift .224 duration @ .050” lift
Competition Cams true-roller timing chain
Crane “Gold” roller rockers; 1.73:1 ratio
Ross flat top, racing pistons,forged aluminum, .030” over; bushed for full-floating pin with double Spirolox retainers
Childs and Albert ZGSR (zero gap second ring) piston rings
Eagle “H” beam forged steel connecting rods
Ford cast crankshaft ground (.010” under), polished, indexed and chamfered oil holes
MPG Head Service windage tray
ARP fasteners and studded main bearing caps; stainless steel fasteners for bolt-ons
Felpro gaskets
MPG Head Service intake port plates
Clevite 77 rod, cam and main bearings
Melling high volume oil pump
Rods and pistons weight matched
Rotating assembly balanced
Speed Demon 750CFM dual feed, double-pumper carburetor
Stainless steel braided fuel line
GM alternator
MSD billet aluminum distributor with mechanical advance and bronze gear
MSD 8.5MM wires
MSD tach adapter
Edlebrock “Performer” aluminum intake manifold
Edlebrock “Victor” aluminum water pump
Holley mechanical fuel pump
Ford Motorsports aluminum valve covers
Sanderson 1-7/8” tube ceramic coated shorty headers
2-1/2” custom bent aluminized exhaust
Dr. Gas “X” pipe
Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers
Toploader 4-speed
Centerforce II gold pressure plate and single friction clutch plate
9” open rear 28 spline 3.25 (soon to be changed to posi.)
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