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Clock Winding Gyzmo

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For years the routine was the same: Set the clock and snap the setting-knob a couple of times and the clock would come to life. At least for a day of so. Last year it finally stopped for good and I was fortunate to find a wrecked dash with a good clock that has now also expired. I dissasembled one of them and found a main-spring with an arm that settled down on a set of points that fired a solenoid kicking the arm back to thus wind the spring and making that ocasional bzzzt sound that I always wondered about.
The question: Does anybody rebuild those things or is there a more modern remedy to replace that part? Or is there a new clock mechanism that accepts the original face?
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Try The Clock Works, They are on the internet and located in Eagle River Wisconsin.
They redid my T bird clock and it has run perfect ever since.
The price was $39.95 plus a shipping fee,they also do quartz conversion, but I kinda' like the ticking sound myself.
hope this helps

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Try Tachman . He'll repair it, give you a very limited warantee, and will try and convince you that you'd do better with a quartz conversion. He will repair it, though. Maybe it just needs a cleaning? Try electronic cleaner, keeping it away from the clock face. Then add a few dabs of oil to the moving parts. me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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