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Clutch Fork Question for Toploader on 302/Boss

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I am converting to a toploader from my C4 auto. I have everything in and together, but the clutch fork doesn't want to move much, and it requires a ton of effort to get it to move even a little. It's to the point that the fork will look like its going to bend. My engine is a regular 302, but I have the larger bellhousing and and flywheel set up that the Boss would have. Does the Boss use a different clutch fork?

Is it possible that the fork it not in right? I have it on the pivot in the middle of the curved clip that is on the fork. Is that right? Thanks for the help.

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If you have the metal tang clip on the fork inserted into the hole in the pivot bracket on the bellhousing you have it installed correctly Chris.
There are several different Ford clutch forks but not having the right one can't be your problem. The distance from the pivot to the center of the throw-out bearing is the same on all forks. The difference in any of them is from the pivot out to where the clutch rod hooks up.
Your problem really sounds like it's something to do with the clutch/pressure plate or possibly the throw-out bearing. Are you sure everything is hooked up right? How about your Z-Bar. Have you checked it to make sure it's not binding somewhere?
Unhook your Z-bar and see if the fork will move easily in the free travel distance.
If it does and the Z-bar is OK then it has to be in the clutch/pressure plate setup. I'm curious to know what you find out. Good luck.
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