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Clutch linkage trouble

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I'm reconstructing a 70 mach 1 with a 351C and a toploader behind it the equalizer bar I picked up for it is not going to work The lower bar and the exhaust can't occupy the same space Help I went through my catalogs and nobody lists one for this motor Are they alone in there application or are there others the same If possible some part numbers or a picture would be muchy appreciated
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You could go with a hydraulic clutch or a cable clutch, both are expensive. The other
option is to have your exhaust re-done. You don't say if it is the header or the pipe
from the manifold that is in the way. The lower arm for the shift fork should be in line
with the fork. If the angle you see for a new arm is not in line with the fork, you may
have trouble with the clutch operation after you get a new part in there. Clutch
geometry is more important than the direction of the exhaust pipe. Good Luck!
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