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I just finished installing a Tremec in my 73 mustang. I was so excited when I finaly got the hydraulic setup to disengage the clutch and allow me to shift into first gear, but nothing else happened after that. I just kinda sat there for a while. I tried all the gears but nothing worked.

I let the clutch pedal up and tried to shift into gear and I could. The engine was not under any load. The only wierd thing was a very low squeaking coming from around the bell housing. I could feel vibrations from the shifter while I had it in gear.

Crap!! More problems! Well I am hoping that I just need to let a little pressure off the clutch fork, but I am thinking that I must have screwed the clutch up somehow when I installed the tranny. I am betting that I didn't have it lined up properly eventhough I could feel the teeth engage on the input shaft. I did hear a poping noise when I tightened down the tremec to the bellhousing.

What do you guys think?

Looks like I messed something else up.

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I would start by checking to see if it really is in gear. With the car off, put the car on jackstands. Row the lever into 1st and try spinning the rear tires by hand, with no pressure on the clutch pedal. If the tires won't move, your clutch is engaging and you are in gear. If the tires move, something is hung up or not disengaging. Check and make sure that the slave cylinder is indeed allowing the clutch fork to come all the way out. Make sure that you have set-up some free play where the Master Cylinder bolts to the clutch pedal, or you may always have your clutch engaged. The vibration you felt may indeed of been the throw-out bearing riding on the clutch. Was the throw-out bearing installed so that it sits inside the clutch fork? If you somehow installed the bearing in front of the clutch fork, that could cause the clutch to always be engaged.

I hope this helps. Let us know what you find so we can hopefully help you figure this out.

Good luck.
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