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Now that I finished blueprinting the parking brake *LOL* I started thing about what to do with the clutch. Currently have a Hays street/strip clutch & pressure plate. While the engines out I was contemplating replacing the clutch disc even though it only has about 8000 miles on it. Never really liked the way it engaged - seemed to slip to much on a hard launch. Flywheel & pressure plate both look OK. Figured I would have the flywheel surfaced & possibly the pressure plate - Is this possible?
What type of clutch do you guys use? Mostly street duty - ocassional spur of the moment spirited driving *G* and racing,
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Have a Hays behind the 428 in my GT500, has been there for 10 years with no trouble. When I rebuilt the motor, had the flywheel surfaced and replaced the disc and pressure plate. I do not think it is possible to resurface the pressure plate.

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I tried that and it was a disaster - I had ridiculous chatter coming off of a hill in 1st. Taught me to be a cheapo...

I put in a Zoom matched set clutch, diaphragm style and it's been a great clutch - the release is much better than any of the 3 fingers I've had.

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Yes, it is possible to resurface a pressure plate. On my fastback, I've got a Hays Borg and Beck pressure plate. I took the pressure plate to the local clutch shop and they rebuilt the pressure plate to be ALOT stiffer than a normal clutch. They replaced the springs and resurfaced the face of the pressure plate.

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