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Cobra Kit Car

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Hey guys/gals go to this site to enter to win a Cobra Kit Car. Saw this on TV the other night.

Lancaster, South Carolina
66 Coupe, 302, Auto, 3.25 gears. [color:red]Candyapple Red</font color=red> with White Pearl Stripes. Cragars.
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Thanks for the tip. If I read the rules right, it looks like they're giving away 2 of them, 1 to the general public and 1 to a Dish network subscriber.

Dave J

My wife says if I buy another Mustang, she's gonna divorce me. I'm sure gonna miss her....
Thanks! I signed up. Doubt I will win, but hey, somebody's got to.
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[color:green]I got my stang on April Fools day. I wonder if that means something....</font color=green>
Thanks, I entered. That was the smallest fine print I ever tried to read.

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