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color sanding complete

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Hooray, today I finished wetsanding the roof and doors of the stang - the last pieces to be sanded as part of colorsanding my new paint job. The paint was applied in September, so the clear coat was pretty hard. In some spots I started with 400 grit! anyway, after two days of sanding this is great news. My arms can use the break. Tomorrow its polishing time then back to the engine compartment. I started with 600 for most spots, went to 1000, then 2000, then 3000 grit. Tomorrow I will use 5 different MaGuaires polishes, then wax the entire car. This is a real milestone since it has taken me about 6 months to get this far. Hey, it's starting to look like a car. I have until tuesday or wednesday of next week to make this my daily driver, since my insurance company insists I return my rental car by that date (they totalled out my Dodge which was stolen and recovered). I'm taking photos so once again, with the help of fulthrottle and others, I might be able to get something posted for viewing. I have an interesting camera angle looking out my second story window and down onto the car. Thanks for letting me share the joy of getting this part done. Oh yes, all of engine accessory mounting problems went away when I changed back to the original style water pump (driver's side outlet). Now the front of the engine is all chrome and stainless steel.

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I would be happy to help....My scanner , however, disagrees. When I updated my PC, My new one did not have an "ISA" slot...which the old scanner I have requires. I gave it away. That leaves me without any way to scan in your pics. Have you thought of buying a digital camera? I got mine at Wal-mart for $70 and it does OK.

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Glad for your progress! I could use some more hands-on mustang time myself........Hope you get it done soon! Dickson

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Ken, great to hear it! That car is gonna turn some heads, change some minds and make some people get into the hobby. I wish I had the wherewithall to drive one of my cars everyday - but I park in a $2 lot about four-five blocks from my office building - I'd never get ANY work done worrying about things. BTW, I color sanded my '68 with (first coat) 400 grit as well. It will prevent your arm from falling off, I guarantee. But I stopped at 1500.... You are a perfectionist my man! Good luck on congratulations.

Oh yeah, did you recall the post we both responded to on the '70-style tips available through Jegs? They are the edelbrock tips. I have the part # at home - just send me an e-mail and I'll shoot it over. Chris

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