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So I read that post yesterday about mice in the garage... then last night I took the vert out to put some miles on the new tires and wheels... I'm rolling back into my garage and what do I see scurrying across the floor and up the wall? a friggin' mouse/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif! First time ever saw one here. I thought pulling in with a 351W would scare the bugger away, but there he was, peekin' out at me from behind the shelf in the corner. Grrrrr. I almost threw one of the leftover lugnuts at him but quickly imagined it bouncing back and landing on the car. So I tossed a plastic bottle cap at him and he skedaddled.

Gonna stop at the hardware store tonite and stock up on traps/forums/images/icons/smile.gif!
If anyone posts any bad thing going wrong with their car today I'm NOT going to read it!
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